It starts five generations ago in Sweden.

In 1865 Gustaf Alexander Berglöf, a merchant, founds Gabu in Uppsala Sweden. He opens a store in central Uppsala at the corner of Östra Ågatan and Drottninggatan selling knits, jersey and yarns. He also starts a small factory making knitted garments.

The store remains in the same location for over ninety years.

The company grows under Gustaf's son John who takes over in 1886.  Gabu becomes one of the largest textile companies in Uppsala, making knitted garments and children’s sailor suits. In addition to it's own store in Uppsala it's merchandise is sold in stores all over Scandinavia.

The company expands and moves to a bigger factory on Drottninggatan. Eventually a three-storey factory is built in 1897, on Kungsängsgatan and Hamnesplanaden. The work is completed in 1906 and by 1920, the factory employs ninety workers. The sewing work shop is on the first floor and knitting work room is on the second floor, most of the employees are women.

In 1930 two of John’s sons, Sten and Ernst assume responsibility for the factory and the store.

150 years after Gustaf founded Gabu, a new generation is breathing life into the brand. The great grand daughter of Gustaf has taken up the Gabu heritage. A tailor by trade, having worked for many years at Chanel Haute Couture and Ralph Lauren Collection. With her dedication to craftsmanship and quality, the Gabu story continues.

Drawing inspiration from the classic simplicity of sailor suits made and worn by previous generations, Gabu’s signature marinière is a modern and timeless staple.

Gabu is sold exclusively at Sewing for Seeds on Stora Nygatan 36 in Stockholm's Old Town, and online. 

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